The MK Group of Companies team is experienced in all areas of construction and can manage your project from inception to completion.

Each of our companies specializes in a specific area of construction. They are available for specific projects or can collaborate to complete your development from excavating your foundation to placing the finishing touches on your walls and floors.

We invite you to visit our companies:

  • ACS Framing
    ACS Framing offers framing services to Single & Multi-Family Residential developments and Commercial projects.
  • All Construction Solutions
    From custom interior & exterior renovations to Condominium Millwork Finishing, no project is too large for our experienced team of trades people.
  • Shear-Flor Finishing 
    With more than 7 million square feet of concrete slabs poured, Shear-Flor is an industry leader in Concrete Supply, Pumping, Placing, Finishing, Formwork & Reinforcing Steel.
  • Shearwall Triforce
    Shearwall Triforce offers Piling, Excavation & Shoring; Formwork; Reinforcing Steel; Concrete Supply, Pumping, Placing & Finishing; Parkades; High & Mid-Rise Superstructures & Institutional Construction.
  • Westmount Glazing
    Automatic Entrances, Storefronts, Curtain Wall and Glazing at competitive prices are our specialty.